Neilà – Digital (Music Video)

Neilà provides sexy fun and cool vibes in Digital’s story takes place on a regular Saturday night. Neilà and her friends come together to have an old fashion sleepover but it continues to get interrupted by one of her “admirers” and his overly obsessive compulsive actions. This eventually leads to him and his friends getting into some serious mischief in order to get the attention of Neilà and her girls. The “Digital” music video was a collaborative concept created by Neilà and the director Inari Briana. “Originally, we had a concept that we were already working on but it didn’t seem to work because it wasn’t OUR vision. A few weeks before we shot the video, she called me and told me she had a dream about a concept she wanted to do for this song. I knew right then and there that I definitely couldn’t say no!”

Inari proceeds to say, “Once she gave me the gist of everything she wanted, I formulated the entire idea and created a story that people could follow along with and relate to when they watched the project. I feel that when you have a dream or an idea that you want to execute, you have no choice but to make it happen. It wouldn’t come to you in a dream if it wasn’t meant to happen so therefore, once she told me the concept, I was all in.”

Soon after they called in extra resources and agreed on everything from the way the set would look to the clothes she wore. From that very moment from beginning to end, we executed the entire project in order to make sure the video came out the best way possible with absolutely no budget. Check out the exclusive video “Digital” by Neilà off of her latest EP “Level 1” NOW!